Ohio State Coed Band Member Defends Fired Director

A band member from Ohio State University is coming to the defense of fired band director Jon Waters, saying she never felt sexually harassed. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The recently fired director of the Ohio State marching band is getting support today from a former band member.

Alexandra Clark spoke to CBS This Morning and said, "I did not feel like I was being sexually harassed. I did not feel that I was part of a culture that was sexualizing and objectifying me."

An investigation found the so-called "best damn band in the land" to have a culture of hazing and sexually-charged misbehavior. 

University President Michael Drake released a video statement, saying, "Even one instance of harassment or assault or hazing is one too many."

Alexandra says her nickname on the band was "Joobs," a term apparently denoting her chest size and the fact that she's Jewish. Surprisngly, she and her parents weren't offended, actually showing off jerseys they had made with the word "Joobs" on them.

"It wasn't until I saw that report by Ohio State and the investigators and their compliance department and how people on the internet were talking about me that I actually felt sexualized and degraded," said Alexandra.

Alexandra isn't alone. A petition on www.change.org has garnered more than 8,000 signatures from current and former students who want ousted band leader Jon Waters reinstated. They've posted comments like: "I NEVER felt harassed" and "Reinstate him NOW!!!!"

But the university is standing by its decision.

"It's very difficult to see something and someone you love get dragged through the mud by a report that seems to be very biased," said Clark.