Aggressive Coyote Pack Chases Suburban L.A. Resident

Surveillance video captured a suburban Los Angeles resident being chased by a pack of wild coyotes. INSIDE EDITION has details on the latest in a number of coyote run ins.

A pack of wild coyotes terrorized a neighborhood in Burbank, California.

Alex Mendoza was out walking his dog when they were chased by the coyotes. His surveillance camera caught the scary scene. In the surveillance video, Alex and his dog can be seen running back into his home with the coyotes close on their heels.

Mendoza said, “When I was walking I saw the four and the others started circling, coming around. That's when I knew I was the prey. I’ve never seen so many coyotes in a pack like that because they were hunting.”

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He then grabbed a shovel to frighten the coyotes off.

“I hit the shovel and that's when they dispersed. Two one way and two the other,” he said.

As a final warning he waved the shovel in the air.

Believe it or not, coyotes are not that unusual a sight in Burbank. The city sits right next to a mountain range the coyotes call home, but they usually appear in small packs.

Mendoza's surveillance video shows them roaming in larger packs of 15 to 20. He said, “It's really scary because I’ve never seen so many coyotes moving at one time.”

Another recent video of coyotes in Burbank posted on YouTube showcases the coyotes making an eerie sound, just like out of a horror movie.

Residents believe the recent drought in California is drawing more coyotes to populated areas as they search for water.  

So, you can expect more man vs. coyote face offs.