Caught on Camera: Passenger Freaks Out On Plane

One woman had to be dragged off a plane bound for Europe when she began acting out before it even left the gate. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A woman was forcibly removed from a transatlantic jet as shocked passengers looked on.

The woman was pulled out of her seat and handcuffed as the U.S. Airways plane bound for Lisbon prepared to take off from Philadelphia.

The woman screamed, “This is harassment! I didn't do anything! I'm going to sue the [blank] out of you! Your going to lose your job!"

“No I’m not,” replied one of the officers who handcuffed her.

The disturbing video was shot by passenger Mike Irving. INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke to him via Facetime in Lisbon.

Trent asked, “Can you tell us what was the first thing you heard?”

He replied,” When she first got in the plane, she was really erratic and yelling, a lot and swearing and there were a lot of children on board, so, I am sure that families told the flight attendants, 'Hey, this person can't be sitting next to my kid.'”

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It took four officers to control the woman who struggled and screamed obscenities at them as she was being removed.

One officer said, “Get her off.”

She said, “They're racists!”

In the video, it was evident that one child passenger was clearly frightened by the noisy disturbance.

The incident delayed the departure of the flight by almost two hours, but the woman was charged with, get this: nothing!

Philadelphia police said she was "causing a disturbance" but she was released without being charged.