Russian Spy's Ex-Husband Speaks

The world is hearing from accused Russian spy Anna Chapman's ex-husband. INSIDE EDITION has details.

A photo of accused Russian spy Anna Chapman on her wedding day has been uncovered.

Anna's ex-husband is dropping the latest bombshell in the spy case riveting the nation. He says Anna's father was a colonel in the notorious Russian espionage agency, the KGB.

Her ex-husband is Alex Chapman, a British citizen who married the accused spy in 2002. They divorced after four years of marriage.

Chapman says his ex-wife's father was a "scary" guy:

"He always seemed to have a lot more security than the other diplomats. He had a Land Rover with blacked-out windows and there was always one car in front of it and one car behind."

Anna denies being a spy.

After their marriage broke up Anna reportedly met a mystery American millionaire and she moved to the U.S. to be with him. He still has not been identified.