Hole In One: Golfer's Shot Knocks Diamond Out Of Spectator's Ring

Golfer Sergio Garcia took a shot, knocking the diamond out of a spectator’s ring.    

It's a golf shot to remember!

Pro golfer Sergio Garcia was on his third hole Sunday at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational when he shanked a shot, knocking a diamond clear off a woman's ring.

The ring was then missing the stone, but in a video, you can hear the owner making light of the situation.

"So much for wanting to be close!" said the owner.

Garcia even joined the search and offered the woman a signed golf ball as an apology.

"Obviously it didn't feel very good," said Garcia. "And if you hit someone and make her lose her diamond ring, it feels even worse."

Thankfully, after an extensive search, the diamond in the rough was found. The young guy who found it got a hug, and the golfer was in the clear.