Disgraced Ex-Director of Best Band in the Land Breaks His Silence

Ohio State’s ex-band director speaks with INSIDE EDITION about allegations of a sexually-charged atmosphere that led to his firing from the university.

The disgraced mastermind behind Ohio State University marching band's eye-popping performances is speaking out for the first time.

Jon Waters was fired as band director after an internal investigation found the legendary band was afflicted with a "culture of hazing" and sexual harassment.
Waters told INSIDE EDITION, "My firing was a tremendous rush to judgment and it was an assault on the students. The way the band was represented is just inaccurate."

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But he says the university's investigation isn't a true reflection of what happens in the band off the field.  

"The band would not perform as well as it does on the field if there was this Animal House crazy culture going on," said Waters.

Waters knew all about the culture at Ohio State before he took the job. He was a band member when was a student. He claims he was already working to eliminate hazing and harassment during his two years as director.

"We not only addressed sexual harassment, but we addressed alcohol abuse, we addressed hazing, we addressed levels of respect and how to treat one another," said Waters.

INSIDE EDITION played Jon Waters a disturbing recording of himself yelling at a drum major named Kyle West.   

Waters: "Now, this will not stand. We tell you to stand on your head, and as drum major, you'll stand on your (blank) head if you want to be drum major. Do you understand?"

Student: "Yes, I do."

Waters: "You ever do that again after we've given you a direct (blank) order and you're done.  Do you understand?"

Student: "Yes, I do."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent said to Waters, "Surely that's not how you would want a parent to know that's how you are speaking to their kid!"

"Absolutely. That was not my finest moment and I wish that I had chosen different words," replied Waters.

Waters says he still loves Ohio State. He still wears his pin and he wants to clear his name and the good name of Ohio State's legendary band.

Trent asked, "Do you want your job back?"

"I would love my old job back. Yes," replied Waters.