Dramatic 911 Call in Sudden Death of American Idol Finalist

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the dramatic 911 call made when American Idol finalist Michael Johns suddenly died.

As the entertainment world mourns the death of former American Idol finalist Michael Johns, a devastating 911 call is being released.

Caller: "My friend is not breathing! Please come here as soon as possible!"

Operator: "Okay, what do you mean? What's going on?"

Caller: "He's dead! I think he's dead!"

The frantic caller, an unidentifed friend of the singer, came home to find Johns' apparently lifeless body on his couch.

Operator: "Is he cold to the touch?

Caller: "Yes. Yes."

Earlier, the 35-year-old singer had twisted his ankle and complained that the swelling had spread to his knee.

Caller: "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. He's already in rigor mortis or something. I can't believe that."

The operator gave CPR instructions to the friend, who pumped Johns' chest more than 100 times.

Caller: "Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred..."

But it was to no avail. Initial reports said the singer died from a blood clot in his ankle, but the Orange County Coroner is reportedly, "deferring the cause of death... pending toxicology results."

One report said heavy alcohol use may have played a role in Johns' death, but another source claims that, "drinking wasn't an issue." [Source: hollywoodlife.com]

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard interviewed the popular Australian-born singer in 2008, right after he was eliminated from American Idol after making the top ten.

Woodard asked Johns, "What does your future hold?"

"Hopefully, putting out a good record that everyone likes, and enables me to start a career and touring," replied Johns.