A Couple Lives with Pack of 10 Wolves

Suburban Los Angeles isn't where you would expect to find a pack of ten wolves, but INSIDE EDITION talks to the couple who lives with the animals in their home.

You'll never guess where a call of the wild can come from.  In the heart of suburban Los Angeles, believe it or not, a pack of ten wolves live behind a white picket fence.

Colette Duvall and her boyfriend Paul Pondella are devoted to their three adult wolves and seven pups.
The couple was there during their pups birth like proud parents and they love their yellow-eyed, sharp-fanged animals as if they were their own children.

The wolves share Paul and Colette's bed and snuggle on the living room couch.  Their portraits even hang on the wall.  The couple says their fury family is well behaved, despite an occasional tantrum.

A video was taken after the adult wolf, Takoda, tore up the couple's $4,000 bedroom set and destroyed and an $800 motorcycle seat.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "You have a pack of wolves living in your house in middle of the city. Aren't you concerned about the danger?"

"No. We have no incidents nor do we foresee any," said Pondella.

The wolves are professionally trained and are taught from birth how to co-exist with people.

"If you get to know our wolves, you will fall in love with wolves," said Duvall.

The couple has federal and city permits to keep their wolves in their home.  The animals are considered hybrids because they're actually mixed with some dog.  But now, because of all the recent publicity, the city suddenly revoked the wolf permit.

Paul said, "They said they made an error.  They should have not issued it in the beginning."

Now they're landlords says they have to move. Paul and Colette are devastated.

Moret asked, "What do you do if you have to move.  Are you prepared to let these go?"

"It would be like taking your kids and putting them in foster care," said Duvall.

They hope to get city approval, but this wolf family vows to stay together no matter what.  For information on their efforts, go to shadowlandfoundation.org.