Nude Swimming? Shocking Secrets of the Secret Service in New Book

Author Ronald Kessler speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the explosive claims made in his new book on secrets of past and present first families.

The Secret Service is secret no more. A new book, The First Family Detail, has revelations some First Families would rather remain secret forever.

The book, by author Ronald Kessler, begins in the present day with the story of Bill Clinton and a visitor who allegedly comes knocking on his door whenever Hillary Clinton is away.
INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Kessler, "Are you suggesting that the Secret Service agents, who are paid to protect the president, know that he is having an affair?"

"Well, she stays overnight and often stays for whole weeks," said Kessler 

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Kessler claims that Secret Service agents hate Hillary Clinton and see being assigned to protect her as punishment.

He said, "She is so nasty to the agents."

As for the alleged mistress whom they dubbed the "Energizer," Kessler writes that agents like her because she bakes them cookies.

He said, "Well, 'Energizer' is much more friendly than Hillary, to say the least."

Kessler says the former president has had close calls with his alleged mistress, saying, "In fact, when Hillary is coming back, various details warn each other to make sure Hillary doesn't intrude when Bill is with his mistress, 'Energizer.'"

Vice President Joe Biden is criticized for allegedly skinny dipping in front of female Secret Service agents.

Kessler said, "He likes to swim nude, which offends female Secret Service agents. They complain about it among themselves. But of course, there is nothing they can do about it."

Some are questioning why Secret Service agents would break their oath.

Trent asked, "I think to some people when they hear these Secret Service agents are spilling these secrets to you. It doesn't sound very honorable."

He replied, "I am not going to get into the motives of agents for talking."

As for the current occupants of The White House, Kessler says agents like the Obamas, saying,  "Barack Obama is also very considerate of agents. Respectful."

Kessler shared a story about actor Bradley Cooper at The White House Correspondents' Dinner. He says for some reason, agents were asked to wave security for Cooper.

"The order was, 'Just let him in. Don't screen him.' It was some personal favor," he said.

But of all the presidents and first ladies, Laura Bush comes out on top. Kessler says she was universally loved by all the agents who protected her, saying, "Agents just loved Laura Bush and they still do because she is still under protection."