Teen Shoots GoPro Video of Dramatic Sea Rescue

A family’s dramatic rescue at sea was captured on a teenager’s GoPro camera, showing every life-saving moment. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Eight passengers were stranded at sea from a capsized boat and struggled to stay afloat. They were desperately hoping to be rescued and it was all caught on tape.

The four adults and four teenagers were boating off the coast of Hawaii when the weather turned bad and their boat started taking on water.

Fourteen-year-old Mark Reeves turned on his GoPro camera and captured the whole ordeal on video.

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Reeves told INSIDE EDITION, "This was like, survival time. I don't go out and sink in a boat everyday, so, I thought it would be kind of cool to get that on film."

They put on their life jackets and threw their kayaks in the water, tying them together so they wouldn't lose each other. They set off an emergency beacon and the Coast Guard deployed a rescue chopper.

Reeves' reaction as he spotted the helicopter was "We're gonna live."

Reeves kept rolling as they were brought to safety. Once inside the chopper, there was relief on everyone’s face.