Trapped in Flash Flood: Rescue Caught on Camera

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the motorist who captured a dramatic rescue of a woman stuck in her car during a flash flood, and it was all caught on camera.

A dramatic rescue was also caught on tape. A flash flood in Las Vegas turned the highway median into a raging river.

The fast moving current sent one abandoned car surging towards another and there was a woman trapped inside.

Doug Bennett shot the heart stopping video. He told INSIDE EDITION, "You hear on the video that I am screaming pretty loud. I am really starting to think I am going to watch that Ford Sedan go down and collide with the Prius."

A group of Army Airmen who happened to be driving by jumped into action.

Bennett said, "They reached into the car and literally pulled an elderly woman, it looked like, out of the back seat. They pulled her out of the car, scrambled up the hill."

One of Airmen nearly got swept away himself. His hero buddies had to rescue him too.

Bennett said, "Had people not been there to help, they easily could have been swept away and lost.