Son Surprises Dad with Dream Car, Leaving Him in Tears

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a son who gave his dad the gift of a lifetime—a rare vintage car he never thought he’d see again.

Larry Benson has been looking for a very specific car for almost his entire life.  

Larry said, "My first car was my father's 1953 Hudson Hornet."

He is even been a member of the Hudson Car Club even though he doesn't own one. He almost gave up hope he'd ever get the car of his dreams—The first car he ever drove.

“I really wasn't thinking about it that it could ever happen,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

Larry's son, Aaron, knows it's been his dad's obsession. So, Aaron set out to get one and surprise his dad.

Watch the Emotional Video

Larry said, “He was an expert at subterfuge.”

Aaron got a camera crew to pretend they were interviewing his dad about his interest in cars.

Larry said, “He had me turn around and there was sitting, this Hudson."

Aaron told INSIDE EDITION, "In the video you see we cry together. It was such a special moment, so many emotions."

If the car looks familiar to you it might be because of the movie, Cars.

Aaron said, "Someone will definitely, guarantee, come up and say, 'That's a Hudson!' I go, 'How do you know that?' They say, 'That was the car in the movie, Cars.'"

Larry still can't believe the Hudson is his. He's even ordered custom tags that say: "4-dad."

“It is really both for him and his dad and me and my dad. It makes me extremely proud. I don't know many sons that would do that sort of thing,” Larry said.