Kim Kardashian Furor as Kids Spend Big Bucks On Her App

Is Kim Kardashian’s latest business deal ripping off kids? The new app has plenty of parents in an uproar over the money their kids have spent on it. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Kim Kardashian is being blasted by outraged parents who say her new popular smartphone game is ripping off their kids.

Eva Norris told INSIDE EDITION her 11-year-old daughter Isabella downloaded Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for free.

Eva said, "I feel it's really robbing the parents of money because they cannot control the children playing the game."

The game allows young players to feel like they're living like a Hollywood A-lister. Downloading the app may be free, but to advance to higher levels you have to buy virtual designer clothes and fancy hair styles.   

Before Isabella knew it, she ran up $45 in charges.

"They didn't tell me that I was going to be charged for anything," said Isabella. 

The game is being slammed by another incensed mom, best-selling author Ayelet Waldman, who tweeted, "Our poor 11 year old spent $120 in 2 days. He's crying hysterically. A pox on those vile (blank) Kardashian pigs and their app designers."

Now get this, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is reportedly making a mind-blowing $700,000 a day for the Kardashian empire.  

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard asked Eva, "Did it make you angry or upset when you got that bill?" 

"Yes, very angry. I felt like we really don't need to give Kim Kardashian any more money. She has billions of dollars," replied Eva.

The game is facing a firestorm of criticism.

"Seeing average Americans throw away millions on a celebrity iPhone game is disturbing because I am not that celebrity," joked Stephen Colbert.

C-Net's Dan Ackerman has this warning about so-called "free" games that really aren't free.

"These games are really designed to do one thing, which is get little bits of money out of you over and over again. They give you kind of the first taste for free. And they let you get to a point where you're like, 'Oh, I really like this! Oh, no I have to stop and wait. Oh, for a dollar I can keep going."

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The maker of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood says in a statement to INSIDE EDITION, "The game is not in any way designed to deceive players or cause unintentional purchases. Children are not able to make an in-app purchase without their parent's password." [Source: Glu Mobile]

"I just think it's wrong to charge a kid," said Isabella.