Star Drone Wars: Paparazzi Taking Photos Of Celebs From The Sky

The paparazzi are turning to drones to get those candid celebrity pictures, but is taking to the skies crossing a line of privacy? INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the new hi-tech front in the battle between paparazzi and celebrities—drones.

Cesar Pena of 24-7 Paps TV claims to be the first of a new breed, the "drone-arrazzi."

Pena told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm changing the whole perception of how we do business."

He believes celebrities should like drones better than being crowded by photographers, leading to contentious scenes between stars and photographers.

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard asked Pena, "So, you think this is less intrusive than having a camera person in your face?"

"Yes, indeed," replied Pena.

Pena has used drones to capture images of Selena Gomez shooting a commercial. They've also been used to shoot Anne Hathaway's wedding, and even Rihanna's house.

When Miley Cyrus saw a drone hovering above her house, she posted video of it on Instagram along with a message we can't share on TV, or elsewhere.

Sean Burke is the founder of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. He told INSIDE EDITION, "People don't like drones. It's a frightening experience to have a camera pointed at you, especially when you don't know who's behind it."

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Another concern: drones can be dangerous. One plummeted into the stands at an event in Virginia, and a photographer was using a drone to get wedding shots when it crashed right into the happy couple.

New legislation may restrict the ability of paparazzi to use them, but until then, Pena says he'll send in the drones to shoot the stars from above.