Sextortion Plot? The Man Behind The Leak Of Sexually Suggestive Pics Of Dallas Cowboys Owner

Sexually suggestive photos of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with various women have surfaced, leading some to ask if extortion is behind the photos. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is said to be the target of an extortion plot over a series of sexually suggestive photos.

One photo purports to show the 71-year-old billionaire getting frisky with an unidentified blonde. INSIDE EDITION can't show you two other photos because they're just too graphic.

Marc Malusis of WFAN radio told INSIDE EDITION, "Very compromising photos. Very embarrassing photos for the Cowboys owner."

The images were reportedly posted online by Dallas businessman Frank Hoover, along with a rambling, sometimes incoherent, 20-page manifesto called "The Sins of Jerry Jones." Hoover claims he recovered the photos from a band of criminals who were planning to extort money from the Dallas Cowboys owner.  

Addressing Jerry Jones directly, he wrote: "I started reaching out to you through your attorneys and explained that this was not about money, but my safety...They ignored me even after telling them my life was being threatened."

Malusis said, "If you are the Cowboys owner and you are a billionaire, and you have got all of this power, and you are the king down there in Dallas, would you ever put yourself in this possible position and take these kind of photos?"

The photos are said to have been taken in 2011, the year Cowboys Stadium hosted the Super Bowl.

The would-be blackmailers allegedly planted rumors about the photos among the Dallas Cowboys players, hoping that Jones would hear about them and be prepared to pay big money to prevent them from being made public.

Jerry has been married to his wife, Eugenia, for over 50 years. They have three children, all of whom are top executives with the Cowboys.

In 2009, Eugenia gave a public TV station a tour of the just-completed stadium's lavish art where she said, "Every great building needs great art." 

Now, there are some very different pictures for her and Jerry Jones to be concerned about.