Ultra-Thin Gap Model: Are Critics Being Bullies Or Is She Too Skinny?

Gap is under fire for showing a super-skinny model in a recent ad campaign, and critics are speaking out. But is the criticism "Skinny Shaming" the model? INSIDE EDITION explains.

A Gap ad featuring a super skinny model in a plaid shirtdress with the caption: "Dress Up Your Days in Pastel Plaid," is sparking uproar.

Just moments after the Gap posted the photo online, Twitter users lashed out, targeting their anger mostly at the model, calling her ugly names like "a pencil in plaid" and "a skeletor ghost."

"Looks like she needs a hamburger and some sunlight," read another tweet.

The Gap is also coming under fire for using such a slim model.  

"Doesn’t Gap feed its models? Seriously she looks ill," read another online reaction.

It's a disturbing phenomenon known as “Skinny Shaming.”

Emme is a plus sized model who says skinny shaming can be as hurtful as fat-shaming.

Emme told INSIDE EDITION, "It is disturbing. I think a lot of people are checking in and saying, 'We don't relate to this anymore. Show us a diversified array of beauty and we will be happy.'"

Now, Gap responded by issuing a statement saying: "Our intentions have always been to celebrate diversity in our marketing and champion people for who they are. Upon reflection, we understand the sensitivity surrounding this photograph."

And they're working quickly to put the skinny controversy behind them. Their website now shows the same dress on a different more full-figured model.