"They Pushed It!" Stuck Commuter Tells How Passengers Pushed The Train Off Him In Video Seen Around The World

The commuter stuck between the train and platform is speaking about the terrifying ordeal, and thanking fellow passengers who lifted the train to help him escape. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Amazing video is circulating of dozens of people rushing to help out their fellow man—literally lifting a train.

Now, the commuter who was trapped between the train and the platform is speaking for the first time. He's only being identified by his first name, Andy. His ordeal began when he slipped and got stuck.

He returned to the platform in Australia with a local reporter and explained how his foot slipped between the train and the platform.

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It was an amazing show of teamwork as 50 people banded together to push the train back so Andy could squeeze free, and they did it!

The spectacle of people immediately helping a complete stanger made news around the world.

Andy told a local reporter, "The outcome could have been terrible. Worst case scenario, I could have lost a leg."

We hear the warnings about the gap, that space between the train and the platform. We see the signs advising us to watch out as we're stepping on and off a train. But commuters are faced with multiple distractions from listening to music to looking down at their cell phones. Those are dangerous mistakes that could cost you your life.

Andy says the gap was so wide a smaller person could have slipped right through.

It's happened before. In 2010 a man was trapped between the subway in New York and a retractable grate. He was in extreme agony as he waited for help to arrive. He still suffers pain from the incident.

As for Andy, get this—his biggest concern was not for himself but delaying his fellow commuters. He said, "I have a message of thanks for the commuters who were probably held up and late for work and took the time to get out of the train and help lift the train to free me."