Jake vs. Vienna in The Bachelor Reunion

It was a show of fireworks on The Bachelor reunion special as Vienna accuses Jake of deceiving everyone. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

"You are the biggest fake liar I have ever met in my entire life!"  On the explosive Bachelor reunion special, Jake Pavelka's former fiancé, Vienna Girardi, accused him of deceiving everyone about who he is.

Girardi said, "My impression was that you were a pilot and that we were gonna go back to Florida and Dallas and live a normal life."  Pavelka replied, "I'm a pilot," when Girardi shot back, "You haven't flown in over a year!"

In fact, INSIDE EDITION has learned, he's only eligible to be the co-pilot on a commercial airplane.  His pilot's license is still active, but records show that Pavelka hasn't received his annual medical exam, which is required by the FAA to be the head pilot on a commercial flight.

Girardi is blaming their break up partly on Pavelka moving her to Hollywood so he could pursue an acting career.  He recently shot an episode of the lifetime series Drop Dead Diva.

"You are a fame whore is what you are!" Girardi yelled.

And we're learning that Pavelka has long sought the limelight.

"He is starving for attention," according to his ex-girlfriend, Tanya Douglas.  She even told INSIDE EDITION that he waged an elaborate campaign to become The Bachelor.

"He has been trying to get on The Bachelor for years," Douglas said.

On last night's reunion show, Pavelka couldn't sit far enough from Vienna on the couch they shared.  He stared off into the distance as she spoke.  Pavelka accused Girardi of cheating, which she denied.

"There was no infidelity, no cheating?" Chris Harrison asked.

"No! Not at all! There's nothing," Girardi quickly fired back.

She did admit that she sold her story to a tabloid magazine to which Pavelka said, "I'm so disgusted with you...you sold me out!"

Girardi stormed off the set in tears saying, "I'm done with this, you are the vainest person I've ever met in my life!"