Terror On The Freeway! A Wounded Driver Chases Down Gunman

A motorist who was shot driving down the highway gave chase to the alleged shooter. Now, police say the victim should have never given chase. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There was terror on the freeway as a retired cop was shot in a road rage incident.

The retired cop, 57-year-old Kenneth Baker gave chase, determined not to let the gunman out of his sight.

In a 911 call, the operator asked, "911 Emergency. What are you reporting?"
Baker: "Yeah. I just got shot. I just got shot at."
911 Operator: "Are you hit?"
Baker: "Yes. I'm hit."

INSIDE EDITION's JIm Moret asked, "So you're just driving and you turn and suddenly the window explodes?"

"Yes," said Baker.

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Despite serious gunshot wounds, authorities say the former police reservist chased the alleged gunman for 16 miles, weaving in and out of heavy traffic on a busy freeway, at speeds of up to 95 mph.

In the 911 call Baker said, "I think my arm is shot. I am trying to catch up with him now."
911 Operator: "OK, well that's probably not a good idea if he's shooting at you."
Baker: "OK I'm right behind him now."

Baker told Moret, "I was weaving in and out of traffic trying to stay on top of him."

"How fast do you think you were going?" asked Moret.

"I was doing excess of  85 to 95 miles an hour," said Baker.

Police took over the chase and arrested 32-year-old Jerry Valentin of Scottsdale, Arizona. He has pled not guilty to the attempted murder and other charges.

"I was shot three times in the shoulder," said Baker, who winced as he showed Moret his wounds.

Wounds are still visible of Baker's arm and his SUV is riddled with bullet holes.

"So you said, 'I'm going to get this guy. I'm not pulling over'?" asked Moret.

"Absolutely," said Baker. "I would have never seen this man again had I let him go."

But police said the chase could have ended in tragedy.

Security expert Nicolas Casale told INSIDE EDITION, "Police would dictate pull over and let the police do the rest."