Pesky Feline! Cat Owner Speaks Out After Pet Attacks Her Cleavage

A woman tried to sell her “lovely and affectionate” cat on YouTube, but, the feline attacked it’s owner in the video. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Original Airdate: August 8. 2014

How do you sell the cat from hell?

While Lola Marmolejo of Wisconsin praised her cat in a video posted on YouTube in hopes that someone would adopt him, the feline named Jimmy was busy biting and scratching her!

In the video she said, "He loves to play. I think he's teething- ow! He's very loving and kind- ow! I say nice things about you - go away!"

Marmolejo yelled as she brushed the cat away. "He loves kids."

In the video, she cannot help but giggle after realizing how ridiculous her pitch has become.

"He's such a good boy," continued Marmolejo. "He's very affectionate and loving. What's the matter? Leave me alone!"

INSDIE EDITION's Les Trent said to Marmolejo, "I think people who look at that video are sort of horrified. Your cat just seems a little bit out of control."

Marmolejo replied, "I rescued him and I had him for about a month and he is out of control."

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At one point in the video, she even had to slap the cat!

Veterinarian Dr. Tamika Lewis told INSIDE EDITION, "There were some things she was doing that might have unintentionally exacerbated the behavior. She was doing a lot of hand motions and things like that, and the cat kept coming and trying to jump on her hand."

Clearly, Jimmy's behavior is nothing out of the ordinary for the cat. Another video showed Jimmy scratching Marmolejo when she tried to play with the cat.

"Ow! I'm going to start calling you 'Homeless' because that's what you're about to be!" Marmolejo continued.

On the other hand, Jimmy is smart. How many cats do you know who can fetch in a bathtub. no less?

Jimmy was caught picking up a hair band from the bottom of the tub on command.

And at last, truth in advertising!

"This cat is stressing me out," said Marmolejo in the YouTube video. "I don't want him anymore."

But she has been told Jimmy is too aggressive to be put up for adoption.

"He still bites, but not as hard," Marmolejo told Trent.