Doctor Enraged After She Says She Spent $3K on "Fake" Handbag

A successful doctor thought she got the deal of a lifetime when she bought a glamorous Birkin bag. She says the bag turned out to be a fake. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

New York doctor Tara Allmen thought she had bought the world's most exclusive handbag—a Birkin bag.  It was a steal of a deal at $3,425, which is a fraction of the original jaw-dropping price of $20,000.    

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It is totally fake!"

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The frequent contributor on the Dr. Oz show purchased the luxurious Hermes Birkin bag in 2005 from a consignment shop. 

She says she recently learned it was a fake when she took it to the Hermes store on Madison Avenue for cleaning.  

She said, “I never had an issue before. I never even thought to question it. It was really a very quick dismissal, 'No, we are not taking this bag. It is not a Hermes bag.'"

The Birkin bag is a status symbol and was also featured in an episode of Sex and the City.

Just this week, thieves recently broke into a Texas socialite's mansion and made off with three of the pricey handbags worth $60,000 a piece.  

Dr. Allmen says she was duped and has filed suit against the owner of the consignment shop, Collete. She claims in court documents that a salesperson "authenticated" the handbag, pointing out the words, "Hermes Paris, Made in Paris" printed on the bag.

She said, “It's time for her to take responsibility and accountability for selling fakes in stores.”

But the store's owner Tisha Collette says she wants to inspect the bag herself. She believes everything in her store is authentic.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I have not seen the bag, Tara has not come in with the bag, and she hasn't produced any letters from anybody saying the bag wasn't authentic.”  

There videos are all over YouTube detailing how to spot a fake Birkin bag. Dr. Allmen says she could have used those tips are as she is is left literally "holding the bag."

Dr. Allmen is seeking a refund for the price of the bag and an additional $50,000 in damages.