Jennifer Lopez Slow Dances with an 'Idol' Contestant

One American Idol contestant got to live out a fantasy when he danced with Jennifer Lopez. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

One lucky contestant on American Idol got more than a golden ticket.

He asked Judge Jennifer Lopez, “I have one question for you. Would you dance with me?”

Lopez replied, “Dance with you right now?”

But Lopez had one question of her own, “What kind of dancing? Because my heels are really high."

Co-hosts Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban get in on the action

Lopez asked the contestant while they were dancing, “Are you trying to be a gentlemen?”

She then rested her head on the contestant's shoulder and they slow danced as Urban played guitar.

It all happened at the Nashville audition for Idol's 14th season which begins in January 2015.