Caught On Tape! Olympic Gold Medalist Injured When Pole Snaps

INSIDE EDITION speaks with an Olympic gold medalist Jenn Suhr, who is recovering following a devastating vaulting incident when her pole broke.

Jenn Suhr was the best in the world, winning the gold medal in pole vaulting at the 2012 Olympic games in London. But now an accident that's hard to watch is putting her future in question.

Jenn was at her practice facility in upstate New York when the pole she was using broke.

In the video of the incident, she can be seen hitting the padding with great force and injuring her ribs, neck, shoulder, and left wrist.

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard spoke to Suhr and her husband and coach, Rick.

Jenn told INSIDE EDITION, "Halfway through the jump, the pole just snapped. It was a lot of pain in a lot of different places. It happened so fast that at first you don't really know what happened, then everything sets in. It was just horrible and he had to keep watching all of it. He kept asking me, 'Where are you hurt?' I couldn't even name the spots."

She will miss the rest of the pole vault season as she recovers. The good news is she didn't break any bones.

She hopes to get back in peak shape like she was when she set a world record last year in New Mexico. After accidents like that, the mental hurdle is sometimes the hardest to overcome.

Woodard asked, "Is it going to be a challenge for you?"

She said, "I have seen it end vaulters careers. I have seen people not being able to jump again after that. I just try not to think about it. It happens, and you know what, you move on."