Five-Year-Old Mayor Happy To Be Out Of Office

INSIDE EDITION has the details on why the country’s youngest and cutest mayor is leaving office.

The littlest mayor in America is out of office!

After two terms as the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, Bobby Tufts is leaving office at five years old.

The preschooler was popular with his constituents in the tiny resort town in Northern Minnesota. The town's population is 20 people in winter and swells to 5,000 in summer.

The office of mayor is a ceremonial position, elected by pulling a name at random from a ballot box, but he campaigned like a pro.

"Would you vote for me?" he asked townspeople.

He even passed out campaign buttons!

But being mayor is a big job for a little kid, and his mom, Emma, is okay that his political career is over.

Emma told INSIDE EDITION, "As the mayor's mom, I figured two terms was enough because we had to chauffeur him around to different parades, and different events, and different interviews."

Plus, his mayoral duties left Tufts little time for his favorite pastime—fishing.

"I was too busy and I didn't get to do that much fishing because of all the interviews," Bobby told INSIDE EDITION.

So now the town has a new mayor with a little more life experience: 16-year-old Eric Mueller.

But Bobby hasn't given up on politics. He is grooming his two-year-old brother, James, to run for office next year!

"I want my brother to follow in my footsteps and become mayor," said Bobby.