Granny Get Your Gun! Armed Elderly Woman Thwarts Burglars

INSIDE EDITION spoke with one pistol-packing granny who thwarted burglars from her home using her firearm, but told cops she wasn't sure how to use it.

A terrified granny called 911 as burglars broke into her home. But this granny has a friend—a loaded .38!

The granny told the police dispatcher: “I have a gun but I don't know if I know how to use it or not.”
Dispatcher: “Where is the gun?”
Granny: “It's in my hand right now!”

It happened near Tampa, Florida. N.J. Logan was home alone when she heard burglars breaking the glass door to her town house to get inside.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I grabbed my gun and went downstairs.”

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And when a police dispatcher tells this gun-toting granny to put her weapon down, she said, Hell no!

Dispatcher: “Ok. I want you to lay it down please. I have officers coming. Ok?”
Logan: “I'm not going to lay it down until I see you here. And then I will lay it down.”
Dispatcher: “Ok. Ok.”

Logan told INSIDE EDITION, “Finally, I got exasperated and said, ‘I will put the gun down when I see the police drive up!’”

When police arrived the burglars had already fled and only then did granny drop her gun.

Logan told INSIDE EDITION, “I kept saying ‘I have a gun. I have a gun,’ and I guess by that time they ran.

Logan told the dispatcher: “Ok. Here comes the police now!”
Dispatcher: “Ok go to the officer. Lay the gun down and go to the officer.”
Logan: “Ok.”
Dispatcher: “Be sure you lay that weapon down.”
Logan: “I will.”

This pistol-packing grandma doesn't look it, but she is 80 years old. She says she was ready to use her gun, saying, “I was very, very fortunate I didn't have to shoot anybody!”