iPhone 4 Snafu Angers Customers

Some iPhone customers are complaining that unless you hold the new phone in a certain way, it will lose the signal.  Apple is apologizing for the snafu and promises to fix the issue. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's a big problem for the people at Apple.  After shelling out hundreds of dollars for the new iPhone 4, calls are dropping out, apparently because of a flaw in how the antenna is positioned.  INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander found out how owners are voicing their frustration.

"The iPhone 4 has just been released, and already the complaints are pouring in," on YouTube video says.

It's been called the "death grip."  It seems that unless you hold the phone just right, it's possible you might lose the signal, so some of the people who stood on long lines to get this device are complaining in a comical way.

"Hello I'm an iPhone 4 user and I'm so excited to have this device!" one woman on a YouTube video sarcastically states.

Apple is apologizing for the snafu, and they're promising to upgrade their software.  The good news is that they've come up with a rubber strip solution called "the bumper."  It fits around the edges of the phone, and is said to eliminate the problem.  But, the strip will set you back $29.95!

Not the greatest news in the world for people who've already laid out between 200 and 300 dollars for what's supposed to be the greatest phone yet!