Alleged Russian Spy May Have Been Eyeing Britain's Princes

Did the red-headed beauty accused of being a Russian spy try to get close to Britain's royal princes? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The sultry redhead accused of being a Russian spy may have targeted Britain's royal princes for seduction.

28-year-old Anna Chapman, who is now being held in a New York City jail, reportedly tried to meet Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry.

The development comes as sexy new photographs of the accused spy were splashed across the front pages, photos released by her ex husband, Alex Chapman.

He told a reporter, "She had this incredible body and she knew exactly what to do. I was infatuated with her."

Published reports say Anna hung out at several London nightspots where the princes are regulars, hoping for an introduction.

She says she is not a spy.

The shocking reports came as Queen Elizabeth, the princes' grandmother, was in New York to address the United Nations and dedicate a 9/11 memorial.

And in a case of life imitating Hollywood, the spy scandal echoes the plot of Angelina Jolie's new movie, Salt which is premiering later this month.

Angelina plays a beautiful woman accused of being a Russian double agent.