Shark Attack Victim Returns To The Water

INSIDE EDITION spoke to a man who lost an arm and a leg in a shark attack and is ready to go back in the water.

Paul de Gelder lost his arm and leg in a shark attack. It is hard to believe he's swimming with these monsters again.

The former Australian Navy diver was attacked by a bull shark during a military exercise in Sydney Harbour in 2009. It was captured on grainy video. 

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "A lot of people would say, 'What on Earth are you doing?"

"You can see me pop up to the surface. The shark thrashes its tail. I was getting thrashed around by the shark, brought up to the surface quickly and then taken straight back down," said de Gelder. 

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De Gelder says he knew he was in a life and death struggle.

Alexander asked, "When did you realize how serious the situation was?"

"I popped to the surface and I saw my safety boat in the distance. So I started swimming and I took my right arm out of the water to take a stroke, but my hand was gone and my arm ended at the end of my wetsuit," said de Gelder.

The shark also chomped down on his leg and a few days later de Gelder learned it could not be saved. It had to be amputated above the knee.

De Gelder's story is told in the Great White Matrix. De Gelder and his videographer partner looked at the movie The Matrix for inspiration to get amazing video of a shark's powerful bite.

"Andy had this incredible camera array of 22 GoPros and as the sharks were coming in to get the bait, we could slow it down and you could go from one side of the shark all the way around to the other in Matrix-esque fashion," said de Gelder.

De Gelder says recovery has been tough but even though he's lost two limbs, the latest technology allows him to continue leading a full life.
"I've gotta carry an array of limbs around with me. I've got running blades, I've got waterproof legs. And that's basically my back up plan if a shark's coming at me, I'll stick my waterproof leg at it and it's probably going to lose some teeth instead of me losing limbs," said de Gelder.

The Great White Matrix airs Saturday on the Discovery Channel.