Moms Outraged Over Unwanted 'GQ' Magazine Cover

Lands' End customers were shocked when a racy GQ cover appeared in their mailboxes as a promotional issue. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A GQ magazine cover is causing a big ruckus. People who opened their straight-laced Lands' End catalog in the mail got a racy GQ magazine as a promotional bonus.

Now, customers are flooding the Lands’ End phone lines with complaints.

One headline read: “Lands' End Ticks Off the Mamas” and “Moms Freak Out.”

Daniella Goodrich was shocked when it came in the mail. She told INSIDE EDITION, "Why would they think I would like that type of magazine?"

One customer wrote: ‘All I ordered was some fun swimwear.. And I get some trashy magazine with some naked woman on the front for my 10-year-old to see.”

Lands' End is apologizing, saying, “We made a serious error and we are truly sorry for this unfortunate situation. In no way do the images or articles featured in the magazine reflect our company values.”

Maria Mora, parenting editor at, says she doesn’t see what the big deal is.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "As a mom of two boys, I don't think we need to be shielding our children from breasts, essentially."

The model on the GQ cover is Emily Ratajkowski, the woman from Robin Thicke's controversial “Blurred Lines” video. 

Lands' End is warning customers who haven't yet received the magazine that it could be arriving in their mailbox any day now.