Fallen TV Kills 2-year-old Boy

A 2-year-old boy was killed when a TV fell on him while he was playing.  INSIDE EDITION reports on the story and what you can do to avoid such a tragedy.

"He's bleeding all over the place!"  Those are the anguished screams of Vanessa Barris.  A TV just fell on her 2-year-old, Blake, and she's holding his lifeless body in her arms.

Caller: "We have an emergency. This TV fell on this boy and he's bleeding like really bad."

A young playmate of Blake's called 911.

Operator: "What's going on?"
Caller: "Something fell on Blake. He's bleeding."
Operator: "What fell on him?"
Caller: "A TV."

It happened in Palm Bay, Florida as little Blake was playing video games on the family's big screen TV.

"When he touched the stand is when everything just fell," Barris told INSIDE EDITION.

Blake bumped against the TV stand. It collapsed and the TV came crashing down on him, crushing his skull.

The police took away the massive 50-inch TV.  Blake's mom showed INSIDE EDITION how it filled an entire wall.  She estimates it weighed 100 pounds.

Blake was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

His devastated family is speaking out to warn other families what can happen if a big screen TV is not secure.

Robert Sinclair from the electronics giant Best Buy recommends anchoring your TV to the wall or to a stand.

"What you can look for is a TV that will have a hole in the base.  This will allow you to put a screw down inside that hole and attach it directly to the TV stand," Sinclair said.

These are just simple ways that could spare your family heartbreak.