'I Remember Robin:' 'Patch Adams' Co-Star Says She Will Never Forget Robin Williams

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Robin Williams’ Patch Adams co-star who says she will never forget the actor.

One young woman had to fight back tears when she remembered Robin Williams in the movie Patch Adams, a 1998 film about a doctor who heals through laughter.

Cameron Stanley told INSIDE EDITION, "He touched my life and my whole family's life at a time when we were really lost and we didn't know what to do."

In one scene in the movie, Williams asked a little girl battling cancer, "Hi, what's your name?"

She replied, "Cameron."

That little girl was Cameron Stanley at age seven, in the midst of a real-life battle against cancer.

"I had a tumor on my kidney," explained Stanley. "I was going through radiation treatment and chemotherapy."

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Williams tickled her nose in the movie, doing what he always did: making people laugh, despite their troubles. And the laughs didn't stop when the director yelled, "cut!"

"He didn't go back to the trailer," said Stanley. "He wanted to stick around with the kids."

Stanley got the part in the movie after being invited for an audition with the film's director and Williams.

"We really bonded and we really got each other," said Stanley. "We were teasing and laughing. Even when I had to be filming a serious part and I had to have a serious face, Robin, of course, was behind the camera, making funny elephant noises!"

And Stanley stayed in touch with Williams in the years to follow.

"He felt excited and happy to see me getting better," said Stanley. "He could see my hair growing back."

The ailing child grew into a beautiful young woman, and now, at 22, she is cancer-free. Stanley got her own fashion business, designing mini-skirts and clutch bags. She could barely believe the news of William's suicide.

"I was shocked," said Stanley. "I didn't really understand why or how this could happen."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Stanley, "What do you want people to know about Robin Williams?"

Stanley, crying, replied, "He is an amazing man, and that he brought so much laughter and life, to myself, and my family when we needed it the most."