'It Wasn't Me:' Wrong Man Named By Anonymous As Ferguson Cop Speaks Out

Before the cop involved in the Michael Brown shooting was named, the group Anonymous issued a name of the person they said was the shooter. Turns out, they were wrong. It wasn’t him. INSIDE EDITION explains.

One man was falsely identified by the hacker group Anonymous as the cop who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Bryan Willman," When did you find out that this group Anonymous had identified you as the shooter?"

Willman replied, "Yesterday morning."

"What was your reaction?" asked Trent.

"At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me. And when he told me that it was a serious threat and that I needed to start calling family members, thats when I started taking it extremely serious and I started making phone calls," he said.

Willman's world changed yesterday when he was named as the officer. One big problem: it wasn't him!

"I see outside you've got a uniformed police officer in your driveway. Why is that?" asked Trent.

"Because of the death threats," said Willman.

"So you've gotten death threats?" asked Trent.

"Yes," said Willman.

The activist group, Anonymous, whose members wear masks like ones used in the movie V for Vendetta, posted two photos of Willman and also identified him by name.

Willman was blindsided. He is not even a member of the Ferguson Police force. He is actually a communications director for the St. Ann Police Department 10 miles from Ferguson.

But, in an instant, Willman said his life was turned upside down.

"Because of the death threats, the chief of police and my captain felt that it was probably a good idea to give me a protection detail," said Willman.

Willman believed the hacker group put his life in danger.

"It was probably a good idea to give me a protection detail," said Willman.

Anonymous defended its actions, saying, "Reminder: We did not release the address or any other information belonging to Willman, except his name and photo."

"They're coming after and saying horrible things about a person that they don’t even know," said Willman. "I would never do that to anyone."

On Friday, the name of the cop involved in the shooting was officially released by the police chief, saying, "The name of the officer that was involved in the shooting of Michael Brown was Darren Wilson. He has been a police officer for six years."

Meanwhile, an innocent man has to deal with his name being falsely linked to a tragedy.