The Last Supper? Photo Emerges of Robin Williams and Wife Days Before His Death Having Dinner

One of the last photos of Robin Williams out in public with his wife has emerged. INSIDE EDITION has the details and if Parkinson's disease may have played a role in his depression.

It's one of the last photos taken of Robin Williams and his wife having dinner, just six days before his tragic suicide.

The actor was dining with his wife, Susan Schneider at a casual Mexican restaurant near their San Francisco home.

The poignant image shows them deep conversation. The patron who shot the photo said of Williams, "He seemed down. His hand clutching his chest."

We now know that Williams was coming to terms with the fact that he had Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis likely weighed heavily on him.

Neurologist Dr. Juline Bryson told INSIDE EDITION, “Sixty percent of people with Parkinson’s do suffer from depression. And it's not just because they're sad about their disease, there's actually biochemical changes going on in the brain where they're not producing serotonin enough, and serotonin is what makes us happy."

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Actor Michael J. Fox also suffers from Parkinson’s. He has said in the past that the disease plunged him into a state of depression.
He tweeted: "Stunned to learn Robin had Parkinson’s Disease. A true friend; I wish him peace."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Minnie Driver who co-starred with Williams in Good Will Hunting at a Hollywood Foreign Press Association banquet in Los Angeles.

She told us about the last time she spoke to him, saying, “If it starts a conversation about Parkinson’s and mental illness, then it will do some good. It was about 18 months ago, I ran into him, we had lunch, he cracked me up."

Williams’ suicide is also prompting another well known personality to speak out about depression and mental health—movie director Rob Reiner spoke out on Larry King's internet radio program.

He said, “I have depression. I've wrestled with it my whole life. I know how difficult a struggle that is for somebody, and how difficult it was for Robin, and it's so upsetting to hear somebody who fought as hard as he did, all these years, to try to manage it, had to succumb to it and it is just very upsetting."