Ferguson Cop To Reporters: 'Unless You Want Me To Shoot, Move!'

INSIDE EDITION reports from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, where chaos continues, prompting the governor to call in the National Guard.

All Hell has broken loose on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

It got so bad on Sunday night that the governor is now calling up the National Guard to restore order.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent is in the middle of it. Trent reports, "We just heard gun fire just a second ago. Concussion grenades are being thrown over here to our left. Checking out tactical unit right here, their guns drawn. Absolute mayhem here tonight. This is what it has been like and it is not even midnight yet."

Tear gas was fired into the crowds of raging protestors. Cops say some in the crowd threw Molotov cocktails and fired as many as 30 shots.

Trent reported, "We just got the directive, by the chief over here, 'Disperse now, or you will be arrested.'"

Seven were arrested and some of the protestors actually threw tear gas canisters back at the police.

This latest chaos in Ferguson comes as a bombshell autopsy report is released saying that Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot six times by police officer Darren Wilson.

Tensions were at fever pitch on Sunday night. Trent and other reporters found themselves caught in no man's land between police and protestors.  

One cop warned the crowd, “Unless you want me to shoot you, move!"

The threat outraged a protestor who said, “This is not Iraq! This is North County! This is St. Louis County!”

Cops say local businesses have been targeted by looters. A McDonald’s had its window smashed and is now boarded up.

Trent went inside a store and said, "We are inside a business called St. Louis Cordless. This was a display case that was now empty, they broke into this. Take a look at this, this is a window that is now boarded up, they broke in through here. This business remains open."

Social media has exploded with the growing violence in Ferguson. A just-released map, which measures Twitter activity in the nation, in the weeks since Michael Brown's shooting, has turned solid yellow with over 5.4 million tweets.

The images from Ferguson are heartbreaking. A peaceful protestor was tear gassed and had milk from McDonald's poured into her eyes.  

A photographer broke down in tears at what she was witnessing. Trent asked her, "What happened? Were you there when the gunfire started?"

She emotionally replied, "Yes."

President Obama looked grim as he and daughter Malia returned to The White House last night from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  

In the middle of the Ferguson battlefield last night, INSIDE EDITION saw a resident in a motorized wheelchair.  He was simply trying to catch a bus home.