New Developments in Case of Missing Kyron Horman

There is more mystery surrounding the case of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman. According to published reports, a landscaper told police that Kyron's stepmother Terri tried to hire him to kill her husband, Kaine Horman. She reportedly denies the cla

There have been stunning developments in the case of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman.

His stepmother, former bodybuilder Terri Horman, allegedly tried to hire her landscaper to kill her husband, according to a published report.   

The Oregonian newspaper says Terri Horman offered the landscaper a large sum of money six months ago to kill Kyron's dad, Kaine Horman

Kyron's dad filed for divorce last week and obtained a restraining order reportedly after being told by cops about the alleged hit.

"Where did this landscaper come from?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked investigative reporter Michelle Sigona.

"Apparently this is a landscaper that was possibly hired by Terri, someone that the family really didn't know too much about. That was uncovered during the investigation," Sigona said.

Kyron's stepmother drove him to school and says she dropped him off. But police are skeptical of her story. She also reportedly denies having anything to do with a murder-for-hire plot.

It is also being revealed that this isn't Terri Horman's first run-in with the law. In 2005 she was arrested for drunk driving, with her 11-year-old son from a previous marriage in the car! She pleaded guilty to DUI and to recklessly endangering the life of her son. Her driver's license was suspended for three months.   

Last night Kyron's mother, Desiree, released answers via e-mail to questions posed by reporters about the investigation.

She says Kyron's stepmom, Terri Horman, "has not been cooperating" with investigators. "We continue to issue our plea for her to fully cooperate with law enforcement to help bring Kyron home as quickly as possible."

Oregon police say they have conducted hundreds of interviews and tracked down more than 3,000 leads in the investigation since Kyron was reported missing on June 4th.