Was Socialite's Closet Full Of Fakes? Self-Described Thief Claims His Haul Wasn't The Real Deal

A man who says he was the thief who robbed a socialite's giant closet claims the goods he stole were fake. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The voice of the burglar who ripped off America's most lavish closet spoke out, and he was upset because he said everything he stole was fake!

"All of the items that were taken, were fake," said the burglar.

Two weeks ago, Houston socialite Theresa Roemer's luxury closet was broken into while she and her husband were out to dinner.

She claimed the 3,000-square-foot, three story closet was filled with designer bags and expensive jewelry.

On a tour of her closet, as she pointed to shelves, Roemer told INSIDE EDITION, “This was filled with diamond necklaces. This was filled with diamond necklaces all draped on here."

Surveillance cameras showed the thief loading the loot into three of Roemer’s Hermes Birkin handbags.

She told INSIDE EDITION he made off with goods worth a million dollars.

But now, in a bizarre development the robber came forward, saying he was the one who was robbed!

Using a voice distorting device, the man claiming to be the burglar called a reporter at the Houston Press. He said when he tried to sell the stuff he stole, he found out it was fake!

Craig Malisow, the reporter who got the call, told INSIDE EDITION, “He came across like he felt that he was the victim here.”

He says the burglar had first tried to blackmail Roemer.

“He said he demanded about half-a-million in cash and he would exchange the items. Otherwise he said that he told her he would go to the media and say they were fake,” explained Malisow.

Roemer refused to pay up, so the burglar followed through with his threat and even sent the reporter some of the things he stole to prove he was the thief.

The burglar told Malisow, "If you give me your address, I will send you samples of items of hers."

He sent a watch, a bracelet and a silver locket, which Roemer said appeared to be hers.

Roemer said she never claimed that everything in her closet was high priced.

Roemer told a Houston website, "You mix and match. In my closet, I have a Donna Karan dress next to one from the Gap. Not everything is a million-dollar design."

Roemer had a message for the burglar who was apparently determined to embarrass her. 

"He thinks he is smart, but prison is full of smart people," she said.