Autopsy Report Reveals Michael Brown Shot 6 Times

Autopsy results reveal Michael Brown was shot six times, facing the officer who fired the shots. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Michael Brown was shot at least six times, according to a new autopsy performed on behalf of the slain teenager's family.

Famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden gave details of the private autopsy Monday at a press conference, saying, "The family has a right to know how their loved one died."

A diagram showed the 18-year-old had four gunshot wounds in the right arm and two in his head.

"All of these gunshot wounds were survivable except for the one in the top of the head that went through the brain," said Dr. Baden.

Professor Shawn Parcells, who assisted in the autopsy, said one bullet caused several wounds.

Parcells explained, "The wound that hit the forehead right above the right eyebrow, actually came out right around the right eye and went back in, and then it exited again right here in the jaw line, and came out and went back into the right shoulder."

He said another wound in Michael Brown's arm suggested he could have had his hands up in an act of surrender when he was shot.

"It also could have occurred when he was putting his hands up," said Parcells, acting out Brown's actions. "When I put my hands up, you can see where that wound is at. It could have happened if he put his arms across in a defensive manner. We don't know."

Forensics professor Lawrence Kobilinsky analyzed the results for INSIDE EDITION, and said, "I think two shots in the head following four shots in the right arm is what I would call overkill. Unnecessary perhaps, but I’m not in the shoes of the police officer."

The bullet that entered the top of Brown's skull may suggest that Brown's head was bent forward when it struck him.

"Either that he was falling when he was shot or that he was charging at the officer," said Kobilinksy.

The diagram showed Brown's name at the top and the words "preliminary autopsy report." It is signed by Dr. Baden and dated 8-17-2014.

Brown's mother wept on Good Morning America as her lawyer discussed the autopsy, prompting Robin Roberts to say, "You can see how painful it was for her."

The press conference at which those autopsy results were announced reflected the emotions running high in Ferguson. Someone asked, "Why hasn't this officer, Wilson, been arrested?"