NBA Star Ray Allen Blasts Cops for Not Charging Suspected Home Invaders

NBA star Ray Allen and his wife are fuming over police declining to charge a group of home invaders who entered their home in the middle of the night. INSIDE EDITION explains.

There was terror for the wife of basketball star Ray Allen as she woke up in the middle of the night to find home invaders in her bedroom.

In a 911 call, Shannon Allen said, “I sat up in the bed and screamed."

Shannon was at the couple's mansion in Coral Gables, Florida with their four sons. Ray Allen himself was not home. Shannon says she realized seven people were in her bedroom at around 2:30 a.m.

In the 911 call she said, “I was dead asleep but I saw flashlights and I heard voices. I know there were boys and girls, I’m assuming teenagers. They had very bright flashlights, the big heavy-duty flashlights.”

There were seven intruders in all and they claim they were there to sight-see.

She said to the 911 operator, “They were walking through my bedroom and they were like, as if they were on a tour! Pointing out stuff, like, ‘Oh wow, look at this picture. Oh my God, he's got a flat-screen TV in his bedroom.’"

Courageous Shannon confronted the home invaders. She told 911, “I just sat up in bed and said, "What the [expletive] are you doing in my house?!’"

A police report says that when Shannon yelled out, a female intruder "Exclaimed 'Oh, my God,' followed by laughter." The gang then made “a quick exit."

Police say they have identified the teens involved, but, believe it or not, they have not been charged. Why? Cops say that because the intruders apparently got in through an unlocked door and nothing was stolen from the home, it does not amount to burglary. It is causing an uproar.

Robin Roberts said on Good Morning America, "It's a real head scratcher, I mean, inside the home."

An angry Ray Allen issued a statement slamming the failure to prosecute. He is saying that it was not some "silly prank" as some have suggested. He says his family was "absolutely terrified," adding, "The suggestion that anyone can unlawfully enter into someone's locked home and then into an occupied bedroom in the middle of the night without consequences is unsettling."

Authorities now concede "this is a crime." Police say the teenagers could be charged with trespassing within days.