Turning The Tables On Tech Exec, Businesswoman Exposes Sleazy Email

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the businesswoman who met with a tech exec to talk business, but found out he just wanted sex.

This beautiful woman is still in shock over an email she received while on a business trip.

Gesche Haas is a rising star in the tech world. Last month, she traveled from her home in New York to Berlin for a networking conference, a common event in the tech world.

Haas read the email she received. "This email, word for word, said, 'I like you a lot. I will not leave Berlin until I have sex with you. Deal?' I was so shocked I couldn't sleep for the next hour or two," said Haas.

At the conference, she met  tech investor Pavel Curda where they had a twenty minute chat.

Haas explained, "I run a female entrepreneur community and we initially talked a lot about that. We even talked about his seven-year-old daughter."

Later that night, Haas got the surprise of her life. She was in her hotel room when she received the truly disturbing email.

"As a woman, you question how you behave in public. You question how you interact with others," said Haas.

Sexual harassment in the world of tech is all too common, says entrepreneur Allyson Kapin. Kapin told INSIDE EDITION, "You have a very male-dominated industry that holds a lot of money. And with money and power comes a lot of sexism."

Rarely do women come forward. But not Gesche Haas. She has gone public with her story. Now, the investor finds himself the subject of international scorn.

Haas said, "If this is something you wouldn't be comfortable someone doing to your own daughter, it's probably not okay."

Gesche says she never expected the reaction she's received. It's a firestorm of support.

One stranger wrote on Facebook: "I wish more women would stand up for themselves like you have done. Let it be the start of a trend."

At first, Curda claimed his email was hacked. But his story crumbled after a second woman came forward sharing another inappropriate message from the businessman, this one on Twitter: "Hey L. I will not leave Berlin without having sex with you. Deal?"

Sound familiar?

"It doesn't happen that often, but it happens more than you think," stated Haas.

Creepy Curda probably didn't do himself any favors with his apology. He told a website he regrets sending the messages and is offering to apologize to the women in person with a bouquet of flowers.

Good luck with that!