Levi Johnston Apologizes to the Palins

Levi Johnston is publicly apologizing to the Palin family for comments he made about them that he now says were not "completely true." INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Levi Johnston is eating a big piece of humble pie, apologizing for telling lies about Sarah Palin and her husband.

"Unfortunately, against my better judgment, I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true," Johnston tells the new issue of People magazine.

"I owe it to the Palins to publicly apologize," continued Johnston.

Last year, Johnston told Vanity Fair magazine that Sarah and Todd Palin were on the verge of divorcing and that Sarah was a bad mother.

"She pays no attention to her kids when the cameras aren't around," he was quoted as saying. On The Early Show, he even accused Sarah of making fun of her son Trig having Down syndrome.

Johnston now says, "To the Palin family in general and to Sarah Palin in particular, please accept my regrets. I hope one day to restore your trust."

In reaction to the apology, Bristol Palin says that she and her ex, Levi, are "turning a new page."