Who Is The Butcher? Clues in Manhunt for Beheaded Journalist’s Killer

The search is one for the member of ISIS who kidnapped and killed American journalist James Foley. INSIDE EDITION has the latest developments.

Who is the butcher who murdered American journalist James Foley? His face was masked in the video of the murder, but that doesn't mean there aren't clues.

His eyes were exposed and his hands show that he's a lefty. But, the most important clue of all, his voice.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to voice analyst Kent Gibson, who said, "I feel like his English accent is educated. Not gutter street. Not cockney."

INSIDE EDITION is learning that the butcher was known as "John" and his two British sounding cohorts were been dubbed "The Beatles" by their captives.

Gibson said, "This man has spent at least two years of his life in either an English speaking country, but the King's English."

President Obama is now facing scathing criticism because just minutes after condemning Foley’s savage murder, he hit the links, playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard. He gave a fist-bump during the five-hour game with his two golfing buddies.

Rick Klein said on Fox News, "To see him giving these serious speeches and addressing serious matters and then to see him return to the game is jarring."

Ralph Peters also said on Fox News, "No way should the president have been stupid enough to go play golf."

Photojournalist Nicole Tung told INSIDE EDITION, "Yes, he may have gone to play golf afterwords, but I hope that behind the scenes, behind the cameras there is real pursuit of justice."

Tung was a close friend of Foley's in Syria. She said, "He was one of the most amazing people I knew, just because he had such an amazing personality."

Tung says she is still overcome with grief over the barbaric slaying of her friend, saying, "I was really shocked and heartbroken."

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the failed July 4th American rescue mission to save him and other hostages from the terrorists. 

U.S. Special Forces swooped down on an oil refinery in Syria where the captives were believed to be imprisoned, but they weren't there. There was a brisk firefight and Delta Force commandos scrambled back on their helicopters.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke to Howard Wasdin, co-author of the best-seller Seal Team Six, about what may have gone wrong.

McInerney asked, "Do you think the intelligence was just off or was this simply bad luck?"

Wasdin said, "Of course it is bad luck. You can have great intelligence. I have been on ops where you have great intelligence. For example, this bad guy is at his aunt's house 12 minutes ago, you get there and you miss him by five minutes."