Show Me The Mo'ne

Little League pitcher Mo'ne Davis became an overnight sensation and many are asking how much money she could make from her sudden fame. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Thirteen-year-old Mo'ne Davis is a genuine phenom. Now, many are wondering if the Little Leaguer can "strike" it rich on her sudden fame.

Sports marketing expert Ben Sturner told INSIDE EDITION that the sky's the limit, saying, “She’s got unlimited potential. She’s a girl playing in a guy's sport and she's kicking butt.”

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The Philadelphia girl’s 70 m.p.h. fastball has landed her on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated. She became the first Little Leaguer in history to be so honored.

Mo'ne mania made Wednesday night's game against Mountain Ridge from Las Vegas must-see TV. It was the highest-rated Little League game ever on ESPN. On the mound, Davis gave up three runs. Alas, victory was not meant to be. Her team lost 8-1.  

Even in defeat, there's no sign her popularity will diminish.

Sturner said, “She's transcending Little League baseball and she's a star for the ages.”

So, how much could she really make?

“The first endorsement deal will be the most lucrative. I think there will be a million dollar potential for her,” said Sturner.

She could be on a Wheaties box, appear in a Nike ad, or get an endorsement for Gatorade. To really cash in, she and her family need to strike while the iron is red hot.

Sturner said, “It's only the Little League World Series for one week and after that, it's over. It's almost like the Olympics. She has so much marketability right now.”