Furious Mariah Carey! What Made Her So Upset With Hubby Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey was reportedly furious when Nick Cannon publicly discussed his past conquests, adding fuel to reports that their marriage may be crumbling. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Was it the beginning of the end?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's marriage reportedly began to crumble in March after Cannon rattled off a list of celebrity conqests on the radio.

Cannon said, "Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger. Oh, Kim Kardashian."

His wife of six years reportedly "went nuclear."

Cannon later went on Howard Stern's radio show to clear things up. Cannon said, "I got in a lot of trouble and I've got to stop talking about my past."

"You talked about Kim Kardashian...and that really got Mariah's goat," said Stern.

"No. Honestly, my wife, she doesn't even know who Kim Kardashian is. I think it was more about the fact, why spend time on my past?" replied Cannon.

The host of Amercia's Got Talent doesn't seem to be phased by the reports that he and Mariah are definitely calling it quits. He took the chilly ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in the shower, with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

In the video of his Ice Bucket challenge, Cannon said, "I said I would do the ice bucket challenge naked, so here I am naked."

Maybe he should have taken a cold shower before going public about his past conquests.