TV Fireworks During Live Interview In Ferguson

Things got heated during a live interview on CNN as anchor Don Lemon was speaking with rapper Talib Kweli about the situation in Ferguson. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was a live interview from Ferguson, Missouri, that went downhill in hurry. Rapper Talib Kweli was being interviewed by CNN anchor Don Lemon and neither would let the other get a word in.

Kweli said, “The media has been doing a horrible job.”

Now, the interview is making news with headlines like “Incredibly Awkward” and “Train Wreck of an Interview.”

Kweli said, "Let me finish my point before you talk! We don't have to conduct an interview if you can't let me talk."

It didn't end there. Things turned personal.

Lemon said, "In order to have a conversation, you have to listen to me as well."

Kweli said, "Let me explain something, I would listen to you if you had the decency, let me finish, to greet me."

Lemon said, "I invited you to come on."

Kweli said, "This is what happened. You didn't invite me. Nicole invited me, first of all. You came up and you didn't say nothing to me. You on your phone the whole time, asking me how to pronounce my name. You have no respect for who I am."

Lemon said he wasn't being rude, but then it seemed to start up all over again, saying, “As far as you saying, me coming up, I have a job to do. What I am doing on television is in this phone. I am reading, hang on, I am reading."

Kweli cut him off saying, "I would have the respect to greet you if I have never met you before, brother. To greet you, to say to you, 'It is nice to meet you.'"

Lemon replied, "I asked you, 'How were you doing?"

"No you did not," said Kweli.

It went on like this for seven minutes all on live TV. At the end of which the two combatants shook hands.

Kweli said, “We're good. Emotions is flaring high, but we good."

Lemon reacted saying, "This is what we need to do. This is how we talk around the kitchen table."