Tiger Woods Reportedly in Mississippi Rehab Clinic

Tiger Woods is reportedly being treated at a rehab facility in Mississippi, but sources say that the golf great isn't being treated like any other patient. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Pine Grove Rehab is the rehab clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where Tiger Woods is undergoing six weeks of intensive therapy. A lot of the facility is visible from the road, and the grounds include an exercise yard with an obstacle course. Pine Grove treats a wide range of disorders, but Woods is in a program specifically for sex addicts called Gentle Path. Fences are being constructed to ensure for extra privacy for Woods.

Security has been stepped up since a photograph of Woods at the clinic was seen around the world.

INSIDE EDITION was followed by a clinic security patrol car and our every move was watched.

The clinic on the inside is basic, not luxurious. Woods is staying in a normal room, but he was reportedly allowed to give it a $100,000 face lift.

Tarps have been put up outside the building where Woods is living, a short distance from the main campus, to give him even more privacy.

Sources tell INSIDE EDITION that the golf great is not being treated exactly like the other patients. He doesn't have to take group therapy sessions. He also has a maid taking care of him, he doesn't have to eat with other patients, and he can order in from local restaurants.

The first thing Woods had to do when he checked in was complete a 45-question sex addiction test. The questions include:

1) Has your sexual behavior ever created problems for you and your family?

2) Are you in crisis over sexual matters?

He has been having one on one therapy with Dr. Patrick Carnes, a world-renowned expert in sex addiction. Woods is about halfway through treatment.

He is preparing for "Disclosure Day," when he must make a face-to-face confession to his wife Elin about all his sexual escapades.

Elin is reportedly renting a house near the facility to be close at hand. Her twin sister Josefin is looking after their two children in Orlando.

Meanwhile, new police tapes recorded the night of Woods's now-notorious car crash outside his house have been released.

911 Operator: "Is he ok?"

Trooper: "Yes. He's got minor injuries"

911 Operator: "Was he doing something he shouldn't have been doing to cause it?"

Trooper: "No, he's good."

911 Operator "He's a good golf player, I know that."

Trooper: "But not a good driver."