'Our Thirst for Your Blood.' Parents of Beheaded American Reveal Twisted ISIS Email

The parents of beheaded American journalist James Foley have revealed a sickening email they received from members of ISIS before their son was killed. INSIDE EDITION explains.

The grieving parents of American journalist James Foley are now revealing the contents of a sickening email sent to them by the butchers who beheaded him.

His father said, “I actually was excited to see an email, despite the conclusion that they would execute Jim. I underestimated that point. I did not realize how brutal they were."

John and Diane Foley spoke out on the Today show following the release earlier this week of the barbaric video.

A week before, the Foleys say they received the email, which called their son: “The scum of your society.”

The email also said: “Today our swords are unsheathed towards you, government and citizens alike! And we will not stop until we quench our thirst for your blood. The first of which being the blood of the American citizen, James Foley! He will be executed as a direct result of your transgressions towards us!”

Diane said on Today, "We had so many people praying for Jimmy. We had begged for prayer."

ISIS had earlier demanded a ransom of $132 million. Foley's parents had managed to raise $5 million.

INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard spoke to Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. His Boston-based company consults in hostage situations.

Woodard asked, "Do you think that they were really intending on receiving this money, or were they setting it so high that it wasn't a goal that could be reachable?"

Richards said, "This is not a group that does this with great frequency. This is not a group that uses this as a primary way of raising money. This is a group that has an ideological agenda used in a negotiating process that I think, is a sham."

The FBI and Scotland Yard have now joined forces to hunt down the butcher in the video who's known by the name “John."  

Could this be him?

Several newspapers in London suggest he might be a British rapper who calls himself "L-Jinny." Not long ago, he left Britain to fight in the Syrian civil war where he posed for a gruesome photo holding a severed head in his left hand. Foley's butcher is also a lefty.

INSIDE EDITION asked voice expert Kent Gibson to analyze the rapper’s voice and compare it with that of the ISIS butcher. His conclusion? Not a match.

He said, "My finding comparing the beheading and the rapper is a mismatch. It is definitely not him."

Now, the world is holding it's breath about the fate of American journalist Steven Sotloff, who the ISIS butchers are threatening to murder next.

John Foley said on the Today show, "We pray strongly that everything possible can be done to save Steven Sotloff and other American hostiges."