Grandmother Lives With Scars From Brutal Police Beating

A California Highway Patrol officer was caught on camera beating a woman who wandered onto the freeway. Now, the woman is speaking to INSIDE EDITION about the incident that landed her in the hospital.

The video was horrifying. A California highway patrol officer beat up a homeless woman who wandered onto a busy Los Angeles freeway.
The officer appeared to hit Marlene Pinnock, a grandmother, at least 11 times. Many of those punches were to her head, as she held her hands up to protect her face.   

A passing motorist caught the violent encounter on a cell phone video.

The cop was called to the scene after motorists reported a barefoot woman on the freeway who appeared drunk or high.

It happened on one of Los Angeles' busiest freeways. Eyewitnesses said the barefoot woman wandered onto the freeway and appeared to be walking toward rush hour traffic. That was when the CHP officer ran to stop the homeless woman.

Pinnock cringed when INSIDE EDITION showed her the video of the beating.

Pinnock told INSIDE EDITION, "He just won't stop beating."

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After the incident, Pinnock was taken to the hospital to treat her injuries, as well as for a psychiatric evaluation. She has since been released and denied she was intoxicated or high. Pinnock had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, according to her lawyer.

Seven weeks later, Pinnock still has a lump on her shoulder and scars from scraping her back on the gravel.

In the arrest report, the officer said Pinnock was "physically combative" and "resisted arrest," something she denies.

After seeing the video, the head of the CPH said he was shocked.

He said, "My response as well as the response of my entire command staff was one of grave concern, if not shock."

Now, that highway patrolman has been relieved of duty and the case turned over to the district attorney. The officer faces potential "serious criminal charges."

Pinnock's attorney Carre Harper told INSIDE EDITION, "He's throwing haymakers like you see in mixed martial arts. He could have killed her. You punch someone repeatedly to the temples, you can kill them."