Cleaning Up Wine Country From Napa Valley Earthquake

Napa Valley residents face the aftermath of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. INSIDE EDITION is on the scene with residents.

Stunned residents of the scenic Napa wine country struggle today in the aftermath of the weekend 6.0 earthquake.  

One woman lost everything. She was left with nothing but the bathrobe she was wearing when her house collapsed.

One man told INSIDE EDITION, "There was this boom!  The whole building dropped for a second."

Hear From More Napa Valley Residents

It was the familiar scene all over Napa as wineries report thousands of smashed bottles and toppled barrels. It's too early to know the impact on the $50 billion wine industry.  

An early warning system was broadcasted to test users in the earthquake region, literally seconds before the earthquake was about to hit. Officials hope the system could be put into effect all over California and give warnings of 40 seconds or more which could be a lifesaver.

A family captured a dramatic video on home surveillance camera just as the earthquake hit. Nineteen-year-old Camille Freking was filmed running up the stairs.  

She told INSIDE EDITION,"I woke up to this thunderous, roaring boom. At first I thought it was just a thunderstorm, but, I looked over at the chandelier and it was just swinging like crazy."