Inside TV's Biggest Night - The 2014 Emmy Awards

INSIDE EDITION was on the red carpet and backstage to capture all the glitz, glamour and memorable moments of the 2014 Emmys.

It's the Emmy kiss everyone's talking about—Julia Louis-Dreyfus locking lips with Bryan Cranston for a full 10 seconds right in the middle of the show!!

The pair were actually re-creating a moment they shared 20 years ago on an episode of Seinfeld!

Julia pulled herself together to accept the Best Actress in a Comedy Emmy for Veep.

In one bizarre moment is coming under fire when Sophia Vergara stood on a rotating pedestal showing off her curves as the president of the Academy, Bruce Rosenblum spoke.

He said, “Our success is always giving the viewer something compelling to watch.”

It sparked immediate uproar on social media with many finding it sexist.

Katie Couric tweeted: “I love Sofia Vergara but did anyone find that shtick somewhat offensive?”

The Modern Family star responded backstage, saying, "I think it's absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work.”

The red carpet was packed with stars! They were struggling to stay cool in the California sun.

INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Norville was there for all the action. Jimmy Fallon made a bee line for Norville with a tempting invitation, “Deborah, please come on our show. Pinkie swear!”

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Then, Fallon crashed Jim Moret's interview with Survivor producer Mark Burnett and wife Roma Downey!

Fallon joked and said, “I know you're in the middle of an interview, I had to give hugs and say hi.”

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Inside, The Tonight Show host took home the Emmy for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, presented by a very pregnant Hayden Panitierre.

Then, presenter Gwen Stefani mispronounced the winner for Best Variety Series calling The Colbert Report, "The Culbert Report."

Fallon played the flub for laughs, going on stage and saying, “She said it wrong, so it must be a mistake. Let’s give it up for TV!”

Host Seth Meyers won over the audience with what Variety described as his “breezy charm.”

Sarah Silverman sprinted to the stage to pick up her Emmy for Writing in a Variety Special. Backstage, she told INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano that she took off her heels so she could run faster. Saying, “My shoes were off. They were strappy! It would have cut into my time to thank everyone.”

Mark Ruffalo, who starred in best TV movie winner The Normal Heart, needed a little help wiping those congratulatory kisses off his face.

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Robin Williams was remembered with a special tribute from his friend Billy Crystal. He said, “The beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever. The glow will be so bright, it will warm your heart, it will make your eyes glisten and you will think to yourselves, 'Robin Williams, what a concept!'" 

The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons won his fourth consecutive Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy. Modern Family picked up the Emmy for “Best Comedy Series” for the fifth year in a row!

Deborah Norville asked Modern Family star, Ed O’Neil, “If you win it will be five-in-a-row."

He replied, “Yes, if we win it will be five-in-a-row."

The perennial favorite was up against Netflix's hit, Orange is the New Black, which was nominated for a whopping 12 Emmys!

Deborah Norville caught up one of the show's stars Laverne Cox, the first transsexual ever nominated for an Emmy.

Cox said, "You made me cry Deborah Norville. I do know that my dreams are coming true in this moment, right now."

What a night it was for Bryan Cranston. He told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret, “Isn't it amazing. I know some people are thinking, 'Didn’t we say good bye to him last year?'”

He celebrated his third Emmy win, beating out Mathew McConaughey.  Cranston said on stage, “Oh wow! Even I thought about voting for Matthew."

There were Emmys for his costars, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn.

In total, Breaking Bad picked up five Emmys. Not bad for a show that ended a year ago!

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