Excessive Force Or Unruly Driver? Deputy Sheriff's Bust Raises Questions

Police say a woman resisted arrest but the woman says a police officer used excessive force during a routine traffic stop. What does his body camera say about the incident? INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the video at the center of a controversial highway takedown.

Is this woman the victim of excessive force as she claims or were the deputies merely trying to deal with an uncooperative and argumentative driver they pulled over for speeding?

Bana Mouwakeh from San Diego, was pulled over on a stretch of road north of the city cited for going 69 miles an hour in a 50 mile an hour zone. An officer's body camera was rolling as the drama unfolded.

The driver says she asked for the deputy's name but claims he ignored her. That's when she says she wanted to move his yellow traffic vest so she could see his name tag. She told the officer, "I want your full name."

Mouwakeh told INSIDE EDITION, “The way these deputies treated me was like I just robbed a bank."

The deputies asked her to get out of her car to which she replied, "I'm not coming out of my car."

She was charged with resisting arrest and battery. She claims it was the deputy, not her, who ripped his vest open.

Mouwakeh said, "I attempted to move the vest on the left side and he was holding his hand on the right side and he yanked it down."

But the arrest report says she "grabbed" the deputy and his uniform. The report also says she "refused to sign the citation and began to argue." All charges against the driver were later dropped.

Mary Frances Prevost, Mouwakeh’s attorney, told INSIDE EDITION, "She didn't try to assault him. She certainly never touched him. There was no force. There was no violence. He just got out of control. He didn't like her and he decided he was going to show her who's boss."

It's a 'he said/she said' dilemma that can't seem to be settled even with the existence of video.